The Bridegroom is coming

Even when the wind stops running and walks to its grave, even when the earth fractures like a vase kissing the ground, even when the sun radiates like black hue-less sackcloth and the moon illuminates scarlet, even when the stars fall from a coiled sky and trade places with the mountains and islands, even when ...

You are

The pain is a musky gaze. It stares at me, Looking right through me. With its Antarctic eyes. Will I make it through? Where is the fire? Am I just the smoke? Save me, O God.

Oxygen in my blood

Will you still love me when dawn disappoints? Will you still love me when my heart drops the baton and the symphony ends? Will you still love me when your promises only seem as dancing ashes? Will you still love me when my strength is nothing more than the whispering of the wind? Your love is brighter ...

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