A cheap poem

We stay in the unemployed Holding onto shadows but they away slip in time I pray for a vision For a release Empty the shadows, release the prodigal one We wake but never dream Spake But never seem Sometimes it feels like it’s all rising up like edgy smoke the dusk Yet dusk has come

Better start

Literally just thought to myself, “I need to be working” then I opened up a dictionary and the first thing I read is the top left corner “had better start your work”. 😐😐😐😐 (Side note: My work is prayer)

Breaking day

Till the sun supposes dawn breaks day A new gold lining across the shattered night


I see The horizon beyond the bend In my awakened dreams It covers me


And I realize I am here In light And shadow Dripping in song in minor key I am here With Sunday staring at me Everyday is Sunday Everyday I lay at the altar Saying who am I supposed to be And I say Your name I’m but a bird Broken winged soaring through shapeless calligraphy ...

Heart of the wind

You Are the earth of the earth the spirit to veins the heart of the wind the cry of the rain Your sound resounds shattering the thunder breaking the matter You are

The Bridegroom is coming

Even when the wind stops running and walks to its grave, even when the earth fractures like a vase kissing the ground, even when the sun radiates like black hue-less sackcloth and the moon illuminates scarlet, even when the stars fall from a coiled sky and trade places with the mountains and islands, even when ...

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