When I saw the stars forming in the midst of the ankled sea I dove into the deep claiming proudly This is where I’ll be I sat hungry Wondering is there a place for me? I came Starving You fed me


Today I heard the word “rummage” for a lady. I told her that God spoke to me the word “rummage” and she says to me, “I have been looking for house hold items at rummage sales as of late”. Sweet.


I just saw the number 222 as it turned 2:22. Actually I saw the time first, then the number popped up. Ironically I just told a guy he had a wife coming. And two stands for unity! Said that a minute before that happened. He randomly sent me a message about how God has a ...


I was just on my hands and knees praying and crying out to God. I was sad. And miserable. And just didn’t feel well. When suddenly the word “Rose” popped in my head. And I saw a rose, and almost smelt the flower. It was very strong. I was confused because I just felt like… ...

Lumberjack man

Last night I told this one lady on the internet (on a prophecy page, let’s not discuss) that I got a picture of her as a lumberjack man. I felt weird saying it, but that’s what I got. So I told her I saw her as a lumberjack man (and no, the lady didn’t have ...

A cheap poem

We stay in the unemployed Holding onto shadows but they away slip in time I pray for a vision For a release Empty the shadows, release the prodigal one We wake but never dream Spake But never seem Sometimes it feels like it’s all rising up like edgy smoke the dusk Yet dusk has come

Better start

Literally just thought to myself, “I need to be working” then I opened up a dictionary and the first thing I read is the top left corner “had better start your work”. 😐😐😐😐 (Side note: My work is prayer)

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